#aslspotlight - The Forgotten Zine Archive - Zinesters are doin' it for themselves

Tom Maher & Mick O’Dwyer, Zine Librarians 
The Forgotten Zine Archive

Libraries, the material they catalogue and the audiences they seek to empower come in all shapes and sizes and the case of the Forgotten Zine Archive serves to remind us of this.

To the uninitiated a Zine (as in FanZINE or MagaZINE) is an amateur home made publication, generally on a topic close to the maker's heart. Though the roots of the format can arguably be traced back to Benjamin Franklin's early amateur publications the zine came into its own with the growth of alternative music fan publications through the 1980's and 1990's. By the early 2000's with easy access to online communities the zine as an outlet for free expression began to fade.        
The Forgotten Zine Archive began life as the collection of Irish Zine enthusiast Ciaran Walsh, migrating from a warehouse in North Strand to its current home in Seomra Spraoi.  It has grown to a collection of over 1, 200 zines representing the voices of the alternative publishing movement in Ireland.

Mick O' Dwyer and Tom Maher, current curators of the collection and zine librarians will share the story of the Forgotten Zine Archive and illustrate its evolution from collection to collaborative enterprise. The archive has become an example of what an alternative library can be and the extent to which a library is more than just a physical collection as the zine archive has reached out to become a maker space, a source of education on the alternative press and a repository of this unique and individual publication format.
Mick and Tom's case study will take us deep into the heart of zineland sharing their love of all things zine, they even promise to give us some hands on zine action with a pop up mini zine archive.

Prepare for an all out zine love fest!  

#asl2015 spotlight - 3D printing at Maynooth Library, taking us into the third dimension

MakerBot Replicator 2 - 3D-printer  via Flickr 

Hugh Murphy & Michael Leigh, Maynooth University Library 

Hugh Murphy and Michael Leigh promise to wrap up #asl2015 with a look to the future. 

Their case study 'Breaking the Third Dimension: Bringing 3d Printing to the Library' might just see us all rushing to book some time with Maynooth University Library's 3D printer. 

Hugh and Michael's case study will look at the emergence of the academic library as collaborative makerspace. While 3D printing might not be an entirely new concept, provision of 3D printing in Irish Academic Libraries is certainly a leap in a new direction.

This case study will outline the steps Maynooth University Library are taking into the third dimension, collaborating with academic departments to enhance library services with this exciting new addition.

Hugh and Michael will outline the rationale behind the move to 3D printing and the ongoing learning curve in the provision of the 3D printing service.

This promises to be a fascinating and insightful look at a new avenue for academic libraries and is sure to ignite lots of questions. ideas and maybe a little bit of envy!

You can see the 3D printer in action in this short video

More about Hugh & Michael's case study  >>>


#asl2015 Spotlight - Helen Shenton, Keynote Fri 27th

Helen Shenton, Librarian & Archivist Trinity College Dublin 
Keynote Friday Feb 27th 

#ASL2015 delegates are in for a treat on Friday 27th as our 2nd keynote Helen Shenton invites us to examine the changing role of libraries.

Helen took up the role of Librarian & Archivist at Trinity College in May 2014 and is steering the Library through a changing landscape of information service provision. Her previous role as Executive Director of Harvard Library saw her bring together seventy-three libraries covering areas like digitisation, content development, records management and collections.

Helen will share her experiences of collaborative and transformative working practice and look at the power of libraries and their collections to transform.    

You can get a flavour of Helen's talk by watching her Sept 2014 TEDx Talk  HERE   


#aslspotlight - Martin O Connor & Sir Henry's @UCC Library - get ready to rock

Martin O' Connor - Senior Library Assistant in Academic & Student Engagement,  Boole Library, UCC 
What do you get if you bring together a Librarian, a DJ, a Sociologist and the scattered memorabilia of thousands of sweaty nights in Cork's former premier music venue? This is the unique mix from which the Sir Henry's @UCC Library project was born.

Martin O' Connor's case study 'From crowd surfing to crowd sourcing - collaboration & Sir Henry's @UCC' will take us through the experience of conceptualising, crowdsourcing and curating the exhibition documenting the 26 year history of legendary Cork club Sir Henry's.            

The Sir Henry's project brings together all the themes of #ASL2015; collaborative working, the transformation of the library space and inspirational new directions for libraries.        

Expect some great stories, music and lots of nostagia... get ready to get your docs on and your rocks off, this one is going to be a real treat.  

More on the case study HERE

More on the Sir Henry's exhibition HERE 

#asl2015 Spotlight - Helen Fallon & the Ken Saro-Wiwa archive

Helen Fallon - Deputy Librarian Maynooth University

Helen Fallon's case study of Maynooth University and the Ken Saro-Wiwa Archive presents the prefect illustration of librarians working in collaboration with archivists, academics and others to make this unique and powerful collection accessible.

Helen is Deputy Librarian at Maynooth University and her past experience includes teaching librarianship in Sierra Leone and carrying out library consultancy work in Africa. When Maynooth University received the archive of the last writings of  Nigerian writer and social activist Ken Saro-Wiwa in 2011 Helen's experience afforded her the opportunity to work with University colleagues editing the letters and writings resulting in the publication of  'Silence would be treason: the last writings of Ken Saro-Wiwa'. The Ken Saro-Wiwa audio archive at Maynooth University was developed out of this collection and was launched in November 2013.

This case study presents a truly collaborative project with inter departmental, international and inter organisation collaboration and is a definitive example of how libraries are taking collections from the inside out. Helen will outline and share insights on the many partnerships involved in bringing the archive together and promoting it.  

This looks set to be a fascinating and inspiring exploration of new approaches to promoting library collections and working with others to amplify the reach of a valuable and important archive.  
More about Helen and the case study HERE  

Find out more about the Ken Saro Wiwa archive at Maynooth University HERE

#asl2015 Spotlight - Malachy Browne, Keynote

Keynote Speaker - Thursday February 26th 
Malachy Browne - Managing Editor & Europe Anchor Reported.ly 

As witnessed in the unfolding of the recent attacks in Paris, news stories now play out in real time across social media.With eye witness reports streaming in via twitter and youtube how do you determine the accurate from the inaccurate and cultivate the best sources? This is the world of social reporting.

Like information professionals journalists face the challenge of sourcing, verifying and curating large volumes of information from an ever expanding range of media. With a team based across Europe and the US Reported.ly, the social media reporting arm of First Look Media harness the social web to get to the heart of the story.
Malachy Browne is Managing Editor and Europe Anchor of Reported.ly. He joined in December 2014 from news agency Storyful, where as news editor he led a global team of journalists reporting on international news stories emerging on social networks. Malachy's interests include international politics, conflict, social justice and human rights. He covered the Arab Spring with Storyful and has also covered conflict in Ivory Coast, Syria and Ukraine. He has written about eyewitness media and citizen networks for Al Jazeera, Open Democracy and the European Journalism Centre's Verification Handbook. More about Malachy >>>

Malachy will open #asl2015 on Thursday and share insight into the changing landscape of sourcing and verifying information using the social web.

Book your #asl2015 place now >>> 

#ASL2015 Spotlights - Stay Tuned

Preparation for 'The Inside out Library; Collaboration, inspiration, transformation' is well underway. With only 7 weeks to go we'll be showcasing the embarrassment of riches that is the #asl2015 line up with blog posts and spotlights on our Facebook page over the coming weeks.

So stay tuned to the blog and our Facebook page for insight into some of the fantastic speakers and projects who will join us on Feb 26th & 27th.  

You can browse the range of speakers and the full programme on the ASLibraries website and of course, if you haven't already booked, better get to it !

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